Our God

How do you get your momentum going to clean? For me I blast some good music. Normally its any kind of music as long as it will keep me moving. But lately due to my music challenge its been only Christian Music. I just have to say, it is so hard to clean when you listen to songs that just put you on your knees praising Our God! I don’t believe in the “There is a time and a place for worshiping God” mentality. Rather I feel that any time you feel led to it you do it! Anytime you feel God calling out to you, stop and have time with Him. Worshiping Christ shouldn’t happen just in the church or in the car when you have nothing else to do, or when you do praise groups. Worshiping Him needs to be a daily thing. It doesn’t need to always be planned out. I feel that Christ gets more glory when we randomly forget what we “should” be doing and just take that time, even if its just a few moments, to praise Him.
 A few days ago I was doing a big cleaning project after these messy holidays and I found myself singing out with my hands raised up then just calling out to God. RizzyRoo came down stairs and I didn’t know she was watching because I wasn’t focused on anything but God. Once I finished my praise to Him and prayer is when I noticed her there. Yes, I felt kind of embarrassed, not knowing what she was thinking. I bet is was something like “my mom is going nuts!!”. But then something I didn’t expect happened, she wanted to ask me about it, she wanted to talk about praising God and praying, and why I was doing that. It wasn’t in a “your odd” kind of questioning but rather a “I really want to understand” kind of questioning.  From me by saying yes to God, He gave me a perfect opening to talk with her more and that conversation went on for over 30 minutes!!! That is the longest she has ever spent talking about one topic.
 Last February I read a book called, Espresso For Your Spirit, if you haven’t read it you need to! One of my favorite parts in it is this: “Your job is not to raise Godly children, your job is to be a Godly role model for your kids. God has given them a free will, and he will ultimately have the greatest shaping power in their lives. Your job is simply to do your part by modeling Godly behavior.” I will be making many posts this year that will start with this quote as its something I need to remember and will be working on this year.
 Lets model godly behavior by saying yes to God and praising Him anytime we can. Lets show our kids what it means to Love God with your whole heart and to love Him more then anything and anyone else. The point of this post is not at all to bring praises or pats on the back for me but simply to show that God works through us and others in our moments of vulnerability.


January 30 Day Music Challenge

Last January I took part in the 30 Day Music Challenge that Klove starts every year. The Challenge is to listen only to Christian Music for 30days. It can be on Klove,Khart, any Christian radio station, Cd’s, itunes, any source as long as its only Christian Music. I did it last year just to see what would happen and I must say that month was the best month out of the whole year for me. My house was clean, my spirit was full of joy, and life just looked better. I didn’t stop at the 30 days, in fact I kept it up for 56 days before I turned the radio station because it wasn’t work that day and started listening to what is considered “secular” music. My life started to get more depressing and my house hasn’t seemed to ever be as clean and together as it was then. Now I am not saying that all secular music is bad and you shouldn’t listen to it at all. I love a lot of “secular” music and find its ok to listen to as long as you can keep your spirit in check. For me I have to listen to christian music more then secular. Music affects everyone differently, so keep that in mind when choosing what you should be listing to.
  I loved doing the Music Challenge last year and have chosen to do it again this year. But instead of just doing it for 30days then not again until next January I am going to it now for one month and after that one month see how long I can go without with the secular music then I will start the challenge over again in May for 30 days and also in November for 30 days as those seem to be the hardest months for me out here.

Want to do this challenge with me? Join here! Start whenever you want! Klove 30 day Music Challenge

Not sure where to listen to music? Here are some great links for you!



Klove Online

Klove station finder

Sitting on the shelf…

  Sitting on the shelf looking at you, forgotten, alone, collecting dust. What is it you ask? Its the books, you know the ones, the ones you bought with good intentions of reading right away. Well here is your chance! The time is now, in 2013! Make a commitment to read through some of those books you already own. Put a number on it if you want. For me, I will be reading 10-15 Books that I already own before I buy another book. I picked book challenges that would help me keep this goal because I already own books that can fall under those challenge rules. I understand a lot of you don’t want a book challenge with all its rules and and having to stay with certain books but this one is easy! Read the books you already picked out and bought, read as many or a few as you want. The point is to set a reasonable goal and to meet that goal before spending any more money and adding more books to the shelf that won’t be touched for a while longer. Make some of those books happy this year!
 How many books will you read from your shelf this year?

Pick an Author Book Challenge 2013!

Pick an Author Book Challenge 2013!

This challenge is great for those who have a favorite author or an author of a great book they read last year and want to see what else the author has!

How it works/Rules:
~Pick an author that has two or more books out already(as of Jan. 1st 2013).
~It can be from any genre you like.
~Books have to be over 100 pages long.
~Pick as many or as few authors you want.
~You have to read at least 2 books from the author(s) you pick.
~To get the most out of this challenge I would pick 1-3 Authors and read at least 3-5 books from each of them.
~Pick the authors for the year and the first book from each author that you will read and make a blog post about this challenge and what you chose and link it back to this post. (if you know all the books you will read from the author(s) you picked post them all.
~Crossovers from other book challenges are OK.
~Books with more then one Author are OK as long as one of them is the main one you picked for this challenge.
~If doing a book that has a study guide with it, the book and study count as one total.
~Series are OK.
~Sign up for this blog to see the reminder posts throughout the year.
~Sign up for the challenge by adding your name and link to your blog post about this challenge in the reply section below.
~As you finish books from the authors you chose update your post about it and also post in the reply section here with what you have done so far.
~You can read any new books released in 2013from the author(s) you picked as long as they have two or more books published before 2013 and at least one of the books you read from them are from before 2013.
 1. Sign up reply will look like this,
          Name, Blog post link
          Author name
          1.First book you will read from that Author
         Author name
         1.First book from that Author
Repeat as many times as you need for how many authors you picked

2. Update Post/reply
          Author Name
         1. First Book you read from Author
         2.Next book you read or will read from author
         Author Name
        1. First book you read from Author
        2. Next book you read or will read from Author

Outdo Yourself Book Challenge 2013

I LOVE books!!! But I never end up reading as much as I want to or need to! So I thought being part of a few book challenges would help me along with that! One of them that I will be participating in is the Outdo Yourself Book Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen! The level I will be working on is “Out of Breath”, I will need to read 6-10 more books then I did last year. Want to join me in this? Click on the button to sign up!
2013 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen