Let’s be Partners!

Being able to work with brands who put people first and have amazing products, customer service and give back to the local and global communities is my passion.

Collaborations are another way I am able to fulfill my passion as well as help others with theirs.

Product Reviews are some of the most fun to participate in, email me with details!


Let’s talk about how we can help each other and my viewers by bringing new and exciting offerings specifically for them. With integrated videos a great partnership is built.

*Now accepting requests for YouTube partnerships for November 2019- July 2020.


Want to show how your offerings bring value to everyday life? Let’s partner together to get the word out.

*Now accepting requests for Instagram partnerships for November 2019-March 2020.

Something else in mind?

Have a project that’s a little different you want to partner on? Let’s talk!

Traveling Partnerships

My family and I love seeing the world and would love the opportunity to share your little slice of it with the everyone. If your wanting someone to show how family friendly your area is either for travel or living, feel free to reach out with partnership details.

Let’s build something together.

Email: ofsparrowsandbutterflies@yahoo.com

*Please include company name and contact information along with full details of what your hoping to accomplish with a partnership. The more details offered in the first email will help the decision be made faster and will save us both a lot of time.

*All reviews are my own personal opinion. I will not recommend things I won’t use. This is my promise to my subscribers and community.

Some of those I’ve been able to work with so far…