The Highlights! May 2015!

Some of my favorite posts out there right now, enjoy!

1.”What reading time looks like in my Homeschool” by The Unlikely Homeschool- I loved this post for so many reasons, but what sticks out to me with a lot of the posts on this site is the honest, non-judgmental way of sharing helpful things that work for her and her family. I love how she talks about the difference in reading from the learn-to read group and the read-to-learn group. I definitely have one of both of those and just seeing it laid out that simple helps me figure out what books my kids should be reading.

2.”Kids Organized Art Area” by California to Carolina- Such a cute idea that would be easy to do in any corner of your home that really wouldn’t cost that much! Enjoy!

3.”Don’t Allow Bitterness to Grow in Your Marriage” by Matthew L. Jacobson- Great post on Bitterness and how to help fix it in a marriage.

4.”What in the World did I do all day?” by Scary Mommy- Just a sweet reminder that what you are doing is important.

5.”The Kitchen Cabinet Tour” by IHeart Organizing- This post makes me want to go reorganize my whole kitchen! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!) I hope to soon be able to show off a few of the areas I love in my home that are nice and organized!

6.”10 Cooking Skills your kids should know” by Super Healthy Kids- Some easy but good skills to start with!

7.”Top 10 Language Based Board Games” by The Unlikely Homeschool- Great games to help make learning fun!


The Highlights: February

I love reading posts online about a whole range of topics and I have to say there are some very creative and elegant writers out there. Here are just a few of the posts that I really like or have been inspired by recently.

“Laundry Room Renovation” –If I could only pick one area to fix up in our home it would be the laundry room, so posts like this are exciting to me and give me lots of ideas!

“Christian Cleavage” – Yes another post in the modesty debate, but this one I feel says it all. It mostly comes down to the heart.

“An Easy Activity That Stops Whiny Boys in Their Tracks” – All kids whine at some point, here is an easy way to help them stop.

“Do You Fit the Profile of the Average Christian Woman?”  – This is by far my favorite post I read this week.

“Dear Mom Who’s Done Having Babies”   -This one spoke right to my soul and brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me that I’m not alone in how I feel and that it is a season, it has been a long season and I’m not sure how much longer it will be, but it will one day be better. That brought me some peace. Will we have more children? Only God knows. He knows our hearts and knows what the plans are that He has for our family. And it is in that I have to place my trust.

(When I have at least four really good posts I want to share, I will make another post like this. Until then, enjoy these and follow me to see more posts from Of Sparrows & Butterflies.)