Movie Review: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Ok I know, you are probably thinking “it’s a SpongeBob movie…. why would I ever see that?”. Well this review is for those of you who watched the show at all when you were young or who have kids who love this show and you think to yourself “it can’t be that bad! I used to like it!”.
Let me just start out by sharing with you the first words that came out of my kids mouths when the movie was over; “That was great!!”. And now my first words to my husband after getting the kids in the van and shutting the door; “OMG!!!! That was torture!!! I feel like every brain cell has died!! I feel sick to my stomach! Why did we see that?” all while basically hanging on to him as if I was going to die… followed by a hug and my husband agreeing with me and pointing out that we basically just sat through 9, yes that’s right, 9 episodes of SpongeBob! Sure I used to like this show and will still sometimes watch it with the kids, but that is one, just one episode at a time….normally followed by weeks if not months of not seeing it!

Now onto an actual review :).
The movie itself was ok. Will I ever see it again? NO! Will we ever own it? Highly doubtful(now watch, one of my “funny” friends will go get this for my kids next birthdays…..don’t even think about it or there WILL be war!). The best way to describe this movie is….watch 9 episodes in a row. That is it. The same humor, the same type of jokes, the same level of stupidity. Yes, just like the show, it has its funny parts, I will admit to laughing a good amount of times. Lesson? Well there was a little about teamwork. I guess that was the “lesson” from the movie but really I don’t see that lesson sticking with kids the way it played out, but who knows.

This movie is rated PG for mild action and rude humor. Basically, if your kids are allowed to watch the show at home then the movie isn’t any worse, its just a mater of if its worth your time and money. For me, I am so glad we got the matinee showing but even with that, I wish we would have just waited until it came to red box, it would have saved us $19 (and I could have walked away for a break!).

And one last thing. REALLY??? Antonio Banderas!!! You are so much better than to play in this movie! (You did it great job though 🙂 )

Will you go see it?