Aviation Study!

I am so excited to start our school year off with a study on Aviation. From the first planes to how they are made today and so much more. I wanted a “soft start” back into school and found that it was going to be national aviation day on the day I was thinking of starting so that is sort of why I picked this but in the planning for it I got more and more excited about it and I know my kids will love it! As I post this we are in the middle of our week long study on it. We recently visited an Aerospace Museum and saw an Air Show that has had them asking many questions.

Ok so what are we doing? A LOT!!! haha But really, below you will find what we are using for this study along with some fun activities.

“The Wright Brothers” lapbook by confessions of a homeschooler is the starting point. This is the bulk of our writing, reading, history, science and even some art. You can find the Unit Study here: The Wright Brothers Unit Study

Preparing for the week!
Kids starting their lapbook!

The Wright Brothers” by Mike Venezia is the book we read to go along with the lapbook.

We watched a “Magic School Bus” Episode called “Taking Flight” that talks about what is needed for the plane to fly.

We will be watching a few episodes of “How its made” that go over parts of the plane as well as maybe watching a “Myth Busters” episode (after I preview it to make sure its ok for the their age).

Along with all the above we will of course have to make some paper airplanes and fly them outside! Something I came across that I hope to have the kids do in the next few years is take a free flight with the “Young Eagles” program. If you have kids ages 8-17 look to see if its offered in your area! I’m going to wait to do it until both of mine are old enough but it looks like a lot of fun!

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