Giant Advent Calendar

Making this was a labor of love and I couldn’t have done it without help from my amazing husband. Thank you love!
This idea is inspired by the chocolate advent calendars we get our children each year and came to me about a month ago. There was a lot of thought that had to go into making this. I debated on cutting up cardboard boxes, using canvas or even buying the storage bins made for this size cube shelf but ended up choosing to use foam board as it’s a more sturdy and inexpensive option.
Overall this project took about 2-3 hours to make since we had to trace and cut out all the shapes, wrap them all, then figure out how we wanted them in the shelf, putting the perfect bows on and finally placing them all. Oh and of course filling them!
Below is what you would need to make this for your home! Don’t want to make this for the full 25 days? Why not make a smaller version for the 12 days of Christmas? I also made a video all about this for our first day of Vlogmas! Check it out here!

What you’ll need:

~13 (20″x 30″) Foam Board Pieces
~4-5 Different wrapping paper rolls
~Bag of Bows
~Box Cutter
~Ruler/Measuring Tape
~Whatever you want to fill it with!
~A cube shelf or three! I used the IKEA KALLAX 5×5 cube shelf that can be found here.

How to make it:

~Measure out the size you need (for this shelf you will need them to be 13″x 13″) and cut! Each foam board will get you two squares.
~Wrap six boards in one of the four colors. Wrap the last board in the 5 color.
~Fill your shelves and make a graph of the order you would like them opened.
~Figure out how you want them placed and add bows.
~Place them in the shelf! Be careful not to push too much on them or the wrapping could tear.
~Stand back and Enjoy!

Cost breakdown- Full Price:

~Form Boards $3.49 each (Joann)
~Wrapping paper 3 pack $5.98 (Walmart)
~Wrapping paper single pack $2.48 (Walmart)
~Bag of Bows 40 pack $5 (Target)
~Tape set of three $5.99 (Joann)
Total $67.30

Cost breakdown- What I paid on sales/ with coupons:

~Form Boards $1.19 each (Joann)
~Wrapping paper 3 pack $5.98 (Walmart)
~Wrapping paper single pack $2.48 (Walmart)
~Bag of Bows 40 pack $3 (Target)
~Tape set of three $2.49 (Joann)
Total $29.42!!
Now imagine if you get all the supplies for next year once the season is over! I bet you can get it under $15! Plus you are left with plenty of wrapping paper, bows and tape to finish wrapping all the gifts!


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