January Healthy Goals Download

Need some ideas on how to stay active? Every month I’m posting some quick ideas for those days you can’t get a full work out in or maybe for those who want to add a little more to their workouts. Download this photo, make it your screen background, print it, or just have it saved on your phone to look at when you need an idea. Follow it however you wish. Want to fill in your own goals? A blank one is provided below! Check back each month for new ideas and inspiration! Follow #stayingactive2020 to see what I’m up too as well as others who are joining in. Post with #stayingactive2020 so I can follow your journey as well!

Jumping Jacks

I’m sure most of us know these but here is a video on proper form. We don’t want to get hurt! Jumping Jacks are a great full body workout that can be done almost anywhere.


New to lunges? Click here to see the proper way to do them! These are amazing as a beginner and have lots of variations to make them fit into any workout.


We all know these! Squats are honestly my favorite thing to do when I’ve been sitting for a while. Just get up and get some done! Remember the tips found in this video.


These are fun! What I love about all of this months exercise ideas is that you don’t need to leave your home or have any equipment to do them yet your still going to get a good workout by adding any of them to your daily life. Here is a quick clip showing you how to get these done!

Calf Raises

Feel the burn with calf raises! You can do these while in line at the grocery store, with your other workouts, or even while watching YouTube. Have you seen my channel yet? Check it out here! And don’t forget to check your form with this clip.

Please check with your doctor before starting any new exercises. Remember to stay hydrated!

All the proper form videos I have linked above are found on YouTube and are not owned by me.

Click on the photos above to save them for your own use. Please use #stayingactive2020 when sharing this post or photos from this post.

This post and photos/downloads have been made by Emma at Of Sparrows & Butterflies.


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