Our Homeschool Room

Our Homeschool Room is a work in progress (aren’t they all?). Last year we barely used it because we didn’t have a place to sit comfortably so it was mostly a storage room for homeschool stuff while we used the kitchen table as our work area. But as you can see in the photo below, we now have desks and chairs thanks to a very sweet friend who blessed us with them. Our days of schooling at the table are done (for now at least). IMG_3246

If you can’t tell, we love Ikea! Those cube bookshelves, the short table on the left, and the easel are all from there. The table is one of my better finds! It’s normally $24.99 but I got it for only $8 because it has on little scratch on a leg so it was in the damaged section of the store. You won’t always find things you need or want in that section but it’s worth the quick walk through if your already there as you never know what you will find! The shelves hold all our school books, chapter books, science kits, and other resources. I didn’t like the gap between the shelves but putting them together left us with a lot of wasted space. I found the set of drawers that is between the shelves for only $5 at a thrift store and its used mostly for math manipulatives or games that will fit in it. IMG_3256

The is across from the desks. Yes, its a MESS, but it’s real. On that table we have our Library Bin so nothing gets lost and is easy to return when its due. Then we have our current projects and things I need to put on the wall. Under the table we have more helpful posters as well as manipulatives. (Can you tell what my favorite color is?)IMG_3269

And here is our map! It’s not in the best place as everyone who walks into my home has come in contact with it. But that’s okay, its great to hear the conversations that start with the kids because of it! Well, that’s our homeschool area! Want to see more homeschool spaces? Click the photo below!



One thought on “Our Homeschool Room”

  1. Emma- great job on your homeschooling room! I love what you’ve done. Those books…well, you know how I love books…bring back memories. They look so good in those book shelves. The typewriter, awesome looking! I would say those students must feel right at home in that special room! Yep…I would say that is a room of memories! They will have lots to remember in that room. Job well done!

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