Curriculum 2014-2015: What we used

For homeschool families finding curriculum is stressful but also exciting! Below you will see all we used/did this past school year with links to where you can buy them so you can see what they look like.


Horizons Math 1 -It was time to try something new. We started out the year with this as we loved it last year for his Kindergarten but this year we parted ways with Horizons due to Goobers current need in the way he learns best.
Dreambox Math– Goober loved this online program but there are some gaps and its very gamey. I found that the concepts taught on it where learned well but he had a hard time transferring his knowledge to paper even though he could do it all great online. We will use this again but more of a supplement and not the main curriculum.
Daily Math Practice- This is what was used to help the skills transfer to paper. It was simple and didn’t add much more work.  Great for a supplemental workbook.

Teaching Textbooks 3– RizzyRoo loved TT3 and so did I! For the most part she did it all on her own which gave me the time to work with Goober on something. The explanations are great and the practice/work part was just enough to make sure the kids get the concepts without overdoing it. TT is a little behind. Anywhere from half a year to a whole year behind other curriculum so for this next year I would feel we need to do 4 and 5 in one year to finish at the point I want her at. We could do this but we will try out one more math program next year just to make sure we are finding the right one for her. But I do highly recommend TT.

Math Games
Financial Peace Jr.

~Language Arts~
All About Reading 1I love this curriculum, truly I do. Its well put together and easy to teach. But it doesn’t work for us at this time due to the way my kids learn and my goober struggled with it. So we ending up cutting this out about half way through the year.
Language Fundamentals 1– Goober Struggled with reading this year so we online completed a little of this book but it is really good for supplement or to use as a guide for what to teach.
Explode the Code Online – We love ETC! But the online program is very slow. We will go back to the books next year.
Reading Comprehension 1– Again, with struggling in reading we didn’t get through much of this but it is a great one for reading comprehension.
Bob Books– I stayed away from these for so long because of the fact that its a lot of sight words and I didn’t agree with teaching reading with just sight words. But half way through the year and we had made NO progress in reading we added these in to see if they would help. Almost instantly he was reading! Yes most of it was sight words but with the program I’m going to list next he was actually reading and not just memorizing.
RazKids– An online reading program that breaks it all down. Its a little repetitive and is gamey but with this, Bob Books, and other reading books Goober is doing so well. He finally is getting it! We will be continuing with RazKids online next year.

All About Reading 3– We got through more of this with RizzyRoo then Goober and I do like the program and find nothing wrong with it but it just isn’t working for our family.
Language Fundamentals 3- We have used this for her since we started homeschooling and will continue it as a supplement as it covers everything needed.
All About Spelling 1– Again, this just isn’t working for our family but is a great program.
Explode the Code Online– As I said before, its very slow! The books are better!
Reading Comprehension 3 Love these! Helps with their creative thinking as well.
Paired Passages 3– Great to start comparison writing with.
Story of the World– Love the stories and workbook. Feel it gives a great view without being to biased. Will continue next year.
Hero Tales– We got through Hero Tales 1 this year and loved learning about them all. With some we did extra reading online about. Next year we will move onto Hero Tales 2.

Lego Robotics (Co-Op Class)
Building & Engineering (Co-Op Class)
Science- The Basics (Co-Op Class)
Animal Encounters/Nature Studies (Co-Op Class)

~Unit Studies~
(This will be updated every few months as I find new ones we will cover)

Wright Brothers– The kids loved this one! They want to do it again!
Archaeology- Fun!
Human Body (year long study)- Did some with our co-op but didn’t get to much at home this year, maybe next.

Handwriting without Tears– Great for learners or those continuing to work on their skills. Easy to use and by the end of the year I saw a great amount of improvement in both kids writing. They did 1 and 3 this past year.
Four Square: Writing Method 1st-3rd grade- I was so excited to find this program! Its an easy way to teach and an the easiest way I have found for my kids to learn writing reports. They actually like writing now.

Reading through Bible stories

~Other Activities/Classes~
Chinese Immersion Class
Lego Club


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