School in the park? Why not?

One of the many benefits to homeschooling is that we don’t have to do school in a classroom setting, we can do it on the couch, on our beds, at the kitchen table, in a designated homeschool room, on the computer, or even out and about! Some places we have found that make school fun is the park, the zoo, and the car!
 We take a few pages or books with us and play on the playground to get some of the energy out and have fun. Then we take a snack /drink break and work on the school pages or books we brought with us. Being outside doing it feels great and since the kids are eager to get back to playing they focus on the school and get it done faster.




 Find a spot to eat lunch and pull out a book or some activity pages they need to get done for a break from walking and a time to regroup our minds. Again being outside is great!

 This year we have lots of driving we are doing every week and they are good chunks of time not just ten minutes here and there. With this in mind I decided to do the big chunk of our history in the car. We will be using “Story of the World” this year and instead of reading the book I got it on CD so we can listen to the stories as we drive and we will do the activity book at home. This will help make the load of stuff we need to do every day easier and help the drive time go by faster and not feel like a waste of time.  A few other things we will be listening to in the car include “The Narnia Series”, Awana CD’s, Chinese language learning CD’s, history facts, and math facts.

Where are some places you like to do school with the kids? (Trampolines make for great math fact reviews and exercise!)

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