Just some thoughts…

These last five years have been so different from what I expected. Some of it has been great but most of it has been a challenge. And although I’m so glad we get to move on, I’m a little sad to leave. It’s here that our kids had many firsts. First steps, first words, first snow experience, first friends, first days of public school, first days of homeschool…. 
It’s here I got a better sense of who I am and who I for sure am not. It’s here I learned how to pick good friends, be a better friend, to say “see ya later” to dear friends, to forgive those thought to be your friends and to move on. 
It’s here I found out how much I love the State Fair! In fact it is one of the few things I will miss. I loved not only attending it but also working it. 
It’s here I learned that I will take a hot day over a cold day anytime! And that it’s better to not have air conditioning then to not have a heater. 
I could go on and on but I think you get the point. I’m so glad to be moving on but will miss the great friends I made and will miss the memories that we made here…. But that’s why you take lots of photos! So down the road you can still go back to them. 


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