Top Mommy Blogs

A few days ago I applied to be part of Top Mommy Blogs and I’m now approved! This makes me so happy! In the last week this little blog of mine has doubled its daily views and is reaching more moms. My mission with this blog is to be a help and encouragement to others by showing you our imperfect but blessed life. 
There are so many amazing blogs I have found from looking at the Listed Blogs; if you have a moment go check some of them out! I found by reading one of my favorite blogs written by a dear friend over at Cottage & Hen
Do you enjoy reading my blog? Has it been helpful or encouraging to you? If it has perhaps you would like to vote for this blog! All you have to do it click the picture above! You can vote one time every day. But to make it easier for you to vote for my blog in the future, just look for the TMB button on my sidebar and click it! Easy as that! Thank you for supporting my blog! 


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