Here we are again..

 Its a new year and our family is welcoming 2014 with open arms. With all the ups and downs that 2013 had for us I am ready for a new year. I’m sure this one will have just as many ups and downs but hopefully with the right focus we can enjoy them all.
 Every year I have made a list of goals and every year I am saddened at how fast it went and how many I didn’t get to. So this year I’m doing things a little differently. First I have a word for the year and then the kids, Hubby, and I each picked out three goals for the year.

 Our First Goals have to do with our personal relationships with God. As He should always be first in our lives we are putting this goal at the top. RizzyRoo and Goober both picked reading the Bible everyday as something they want to work on for 2014, Hubby and I felt that was such a good goal that we are joining them in this goal. Since we all have the same goal it should help with accountability.

 Our Second Goal has to do with family. I want our family to grow closer together this year and to have deeper relationship with each other. RizzyRoo’s “goal” is to have more family outings to the theater while Goober’s “goal” is to have more family outings to the bowling alley. I sense a theme here….
 My goal is a little different. Through the last two years I have really struggled with putting my family before others. Last year I got the saying no part down (sorta…) and spent a lot more time at home but I wasn’t really putting my family first because even though I was home that extra time I didn’t necessarily spend that extra time with them but rather put it towards me time or spent it sad about the fact that I was missing another activity. So this year while I will continue to show others that my family comes first I will also work on showing my family and myself that they are first. I have a few family game nights all planned out and can’t wait for them!
  Hubby’s family goal is to inspire a love of learning in us all by sharing something new with the kids every day. (Some of the stuff has shared in the past I had no clue about so I’m sure I will learn a few things also.)
  Another way I am putting them first this year is that I am finally listening and obeying God’s calling to homeschool. I knew for sure that I was being called to it last summer but I wasn’t ready to make that step. After some things that took place once school started it made it easier to do it and as of a few weeks ago we are officially homeschooling. Hubby will be helping from time to time with fun Science experiments and some History lessons.

 Our Third Goal has to do with bettering ourselves. RizzyRoo has chosen to work on her attitude (mainly towards her brother but also towards us when it comes to doing stuff she doesn’t want to do). Goober would like to work on doing his chores without complaining and to have fun doing them.  I have chosen to work on being a better friend. There are many thoughts that go along with that but for now I will just leave it at that. Hubby’s goal is to go to the gym three times a week to help him keep in shape.

Word of the Year~ I’m still working on it! I have it down to three choices and all of them are very good. I will take a few more days to pray on them and see where God leads. (You can find my post on this here)


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