If you make the mess……

Is it really so hard to get this concept? Apparently it is! But hopefully this will help! My children are very visual learners so I can tell them how to do something over and over but it won’t click! They will stand there with a blank look on their face until you show them how to do it. The same goes for asking them to pick up their own messes. You can tell them that when they are done with something they need to put it back but they sure won’t remember until you are right there with them telling them to do it. So back when there was still snow on the ground(you know, back in May) I took this photo with those words in mind to go on it. I printed 4 of them and posted one in each of their rooms, one in the living room, and one in the dinning room(all areas they have toys or bring toys to). After just a few days of pointing them to this they started to get it. And now that it has been a few months I can honestly say that they are doing great!! Yes I still have to remind them from time to time, but they are doing so much better at remembering to pick up and put away their toys and its starting to work in other areas as well. So please if you are looking for a way to help teach your kids to pick up after themselves print this and post it in your home. Good luck! 


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