Crazy days!

It’s been way to long since I’ve posted! Today I made sure to do all the “P52” posts that were missing and I’m hoping this week to get working on the “Mornings with Jeremiah” posts that I’m behind in. But for now I wanted to share what I’ve been doing these weeks away(you know, besides all the mommy and home stuff).
I run my daughters Girl Scouts troop and are having a blast this year! We just finished our month of cookie sales! RizzyRoo and I did 20 booths!!! With each booth being at least 2 hours I feel like we just finished part time jobs! RizzyRoo had lots if fun doing them though.
Other then Girl Scouts, I have one other “club” I do a board position on and a few online groups that I have been helping out that all focus on helping moms become better moms and wives.
On top of all that I have been sick off and on, same with my kids. So needless to say, I’m tired!
As I type this I’m sitting beside an indoor pool watching my daughter swim with her friends for a classmates birthday party. Unlike some parents I know who can’t stand their kids going to birthday parties for a bunch of different reasons, I love it!! I love the excitement when they get the invitation, love teaching them how to pick out a gift they think their friend will love while also learning about how to use the money you have wisely. But most of all, I use them as play dates!! I just don’t have time for weekly get togethers that I know the kids need so we go to almost all the class party’s so they can hang out with all the friends at once. It might cost a little more since we buy gifts but its worth it to me!
Well I better get back to the party! Thanks for reading!


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