P52~ Week 2

A Winter Morning in North Dakota.


5 thoughts on “P52~ Week 2”

  1. You're in North Dakota? I'm in Manitoba, same weather! 🙂 About the 'favourite author' theme: notifications don't always work from non-WordPress blogs. I hoped you wouldn't mind letting me know if you make a page to link reviews, or to list titles & authors.

    If you aren't using the link system, it would be great to see a list of participants and perhaps gather an alphabetized author summary. Then references or review URLs aren't lost in a comment queue.

  2. At this time I don't plan on making a page for reviews but as we get deeper into the year that may change. The best way to get updates would be to Follow by Email (on the left). You would then get an email everytime there is a new post.

  3. I'm aware of that but notifications haven't been coming in for months. Anything someone wants me to see is best at my blog. Believe it or not, I have a dial-up modem and going to multiple other sites to troll for messages takes a lot of time.

    I did come back to see if you remarked about our province & state bordering one another – uncanny huh! Since there's no update page, I'll add chosen authors & reviews to the one queue.

  4. Are you enjoying this cold? I sure am not! lol Anyways, that sucks that you aren't get notications! I will end up at some point making alink page for this. Until that time Any updates I make I will add a link on the first post made about it.

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