Early Mornings

Early Mornings, oh how I avoid you! Up ’til now I have done my best to sleep to the very last moment then rush to get kids and myself ready for the day before we are late. Most days I would make it just under the wire but other days we would end up late and everyone has a bad day. Not any more! This last Wednesday I woke up at 6 am when I would normally stay sleeping until at least 7:20 am. I got up got dressed, enjoyed some coffee, then hubby and I gave my car a jump with the new jump pack we had to buy(that is the real reason why I made myself get up so early).  I actually ate breakfast that morning and every morning since! To my surprise Ezri woke up on her own at 7 am so we had some extra time together before we started our morning routine. We went through a new section of her Awana Sparky Book and learned a new Bible Verse then we did nails! I don’t put nail polish on her that much as every time I do Roxas is around and wants it also so having this one on one time with Ezri was perfect! Before she got on the bus that morning she gave me the biggest hug and said that was the best morning ever! We all had a great day that day and I will be doing my best to get up early every school morning so we can have great days over and over.



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