Sitting on the shelf…

  Sitting on the shelf looking at you, forgotten, alone, collecting dust. What is it you ask? Its the books, you know the ones, the ones you bought with good intentions of reading right away. Well here is your chance! The time is now, in 2013! Make a commitment to read through some of those books you already own. Put a number on it if you want. For me, I will be reading 10-15 Books that I already own before I buy another book. I picked book challenges that would help me keep this goal because I already own books that can fall under those challenge rules. I understand a lot of you don’t want a book challenge with all its rules and and having to stay with certain books but this one is easy! Read the books you already picked out and bought, read as many or a few as you want. The point is to set a reasonable goal and to meet that goal before spending any more money and adding more books to the shelf that won’t be touched for a while longer. Make some of those books happy this year!
 How many books will you read from your shelf this year?


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