Pick an Author Book Challenge 2013!

Pick an Author Book Challenge 2013!

This challenge is great for those who have a favorite author or an author of a great book they read last year and want to see what else the author has!

How it works/Rules:
~Pick an author that has two or more books out already(as of Jan. 1st 2013).
~It can be from any genre you like.
~Books have to be over 100 pages long.
~Pick as many or as few authors you want.
~You have to read at least 2 books from the author(s) you pick.
~To get the most out of this challenge I would pick 1-3 Authors and read at least 3-5 books from each of them.
~Pick the authors for the year and the first book from each author that you will read and make a blog post about this challenge and what you chose and link it back to this post. (if you know all the books you will read from the author(s) you picked post them all.
~Crossovers from other book challenges are OK.
~Books with more then one Author are OK as long as one of them is the main one you picked for this challenge.
~If doing a book that has a study guide with it, the book and study count as one total.
~Series are OK.
~Sign up for this blog to see the reminder posts throughout the year.
~Sign up for the challenge by adding your name and link to your blog post about this challenge in the reply section below.
~As you finish books from the authors you chose update your post about it and also post in the reply section here with what you have done so far.
~You can read any new books released in 2013from the author(s) you picked as long as they have two or more books published before 2013 and at least one of the books you read from them are from before 2013.
 1. Sign up reply will look like this,
          Name, Blog post link
          Author name
          1.First book you will read from that Author
         Author name
         1.First book from that Author
Repeat as many times as you need for how many authors you picked

2. Update Post/reply
          Author Name
         1. First Book you read from Author
         2.Next book you read or will read from author
         Author Name
        1. First book you read from Author
        2. Next book you read or will read from Author


18 thoughts on “Pick an Author Book Challenge 2013!”

  1. Thank you for stopping by! It amazes me to see what one author can come up with in their many books. I hope you will get to explore a few books for a favorite author this year!

  2. Hello all, I'm in for this, my author is Kathy reichs, deja dead…..sue Grafton, a is for alibi…..Tess gerritsen, her first in rizzoli & Isles books, ah ha, the surgeon

  3. Hi there Eva North 🙂 So glad you have you joining us in this! Those sounds like great books! I have heard of the rizzoli & Isles but haven't got around to them yet.
    Don't forget to follow this blog so that you can get the reminder posts throughout the year!
    And if you have a blog your self please make a post about the books you will be reading and link back to this post so we can get more people in on it and have better accountability! Good Luck this year!

  4. There is nothing better in life than for a mother to see her child desiring to have a more perfect understanding of who her Lord is….especially when earlier years seemed to have no hope. WEll, not that it didn't have hope, but having to watch the stumbles & falls along the way not being able to change things and also having to learn that it is only God who can do the changing. My, have I learned that with all my children. It never feels good at the moment but later comes the joys!!. You are on a good road Emma, I am so very proud of you for seeking God in all you do. Never forget to find the glory of God in all situations…and in some, it may seem there will be none to find…but look harder, it's always there. I love you Emma. Mom

  5. DESCRIPTION: Kate Carlisle and Kate Kingsbury are new to me in 2013 and have both become favourite authors! Clyde Robert Bulla's 1968 book has been with me from my childhood and I discovered an earlier story at a garage sale. If you can find his work, it is wonderful for young children. It's obvious by the one book staying with me all of these years, that I was already interested in ghosts very young. Perhaps that story is partly to thank for my non-traditional spiritual interest. I have more Phyllis A. Whitney novels than I can count and having published over 100, there are many more to have fun finding. But she passed away in 2008, amazingly at age 104, so I savour them. Mildred A. Wirt is the real name of the original writer hired to write “Nancy Drew”. Since identities were close for so long, I honour her by revealing it instead of using “Carolyn Keene”.

    “Homicide In Hardcover” 2009
    “If Books Could Kill” 2010

    “Room With A Clue” 1993
    “Do Not Disturb” 1994

    “Ghost Town Treasure” 1957
    “The Ghost Of Windy Hill” 1968

    “Blue Fire” 1961
    “Black Amber” 1964

    “The Secret Of The Old Clock” 1930
    “The Hidden Staircase” 1930
    “The Mystery At Lilac Inn” 1930
    “The Secret Of Shadow Ranch” 1931

  6. I included my reviews but they aren't linking and there's no bold to darken titles. You may use my blog page to see my reviews. http://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/vintage-quick/

    DESCRIPTION: Next up is Paul Gallico, with whom my two experiences couldn't be more different. The 1940 novel is a profound story about a man building a bird sanctuary in southern England; an area I happened to have visited. In 1959 he wrote one of the best haunted mansion stories I've ever read, even if most was debunked (which is my deal-breaker). Also I've begun reading Agatha Christie from the beginning. The following are very good novels. Juliet Blackwell is a new favourite discovered this year. One is a haunted house series. The witch series is much better.

    “The Snow Goose” 1940
    “Too Many Ghosts” 1959

    “The Secret Adversary” 1922
    “Murder On The Links” 1923

    “In A Witch's Wardrobe” 2012
    “If Walls Could Talk” 2010

  7. My year for becoming a new fan of authors sure is 2013. Robert Sutherland is a fellow Canadian with a Scottish adventure series that is so good, they shouldn't call it “YA”! Another wonderful Canadian, with classic-style plots and intellectual wit is: Charlotte MacLeod. An author that looks so typically “YA” that I wouldn't have picked it up; proves to be an excellent writer with highly-believable stories: Carol Beach York. I don't know where you'd find these but Christel Kleitsch authored two phenomenal stories about a girl's life in an Aboriginal reserve village in Ontario. It isn't the strife-leaden predicament typical of ethnic vistas; it is joyous.

    “Mystery At Black Rock Island” 1983
    “The Loon Lake Murders” 1987
    “The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle” 1989

    “Rest You Merry” 1978
    “The Luck Runs Out” 1979
    “Wrack And Ruin” 1982

    “The Ghost Of The Isherwoods” 1966
    “The Secret” 1984

    “Dancing Feathers” 1985
    “A Time To Be Brave” 1985

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